The Snack Artist

Never thought I would one day say that I feel excitement at the idea of starting my day's work at 5:30 AM. I seem to be on the same cycle as the kitties now. This morning I knew I would reach the end of the day with the satisfaction of a job well done. But underneath this modest confidence, still lingered this apprehension of "Can I pull it off again?"
The day is long. I take time to move my body. Later, I close my eyes and stay still a while. Rise up with that same excitement from when the alarm hit 5:30. Pushing on. still balanced between confidence and questioning. I tell myself to just do it! And I do.
I allow myself a few handfuls of the Snack Artist's trail mix as I pride myself in another well executed edit.
My happiness comes from my quality of work. My gratitude comes from the push that I get from my inner creativity.