Kristen + Kevin

I am very excited to share with you this wedding highlight reel. When the bride hired me to film her wedding, she expressed to me a very clear vision as to how she wanted her highlight reel to look. I immediately took the challenge head on and was excited to work alongside her on making sure the final product was going to be just like she had envisioned it.

Admittedly, this was going to require a departure from the style of highlight reels I had been creating up until now. Jumping into the unknown can be scary, but with the right motivation, I followed the bride’s guidelines adding my creative twist and what came of this collaboration blew the bride and I away. We were both thrilled with the outcome!

Technically, the vows that they read to each other represent the core of the highlight story, having it flow throughout the reel overlaid with one song instead of my usual two tracks, made for a smoother and more consistent story telling. I love it so much that I may try to replicate this format in the future when applicable and appropriate.

All this to say that I am always happy to work alongside my client’s vision on what the final edit should look like. My goal after all is to make sure the client is thrilled with their final edits and if possible go above and beyond their expectations.

I hope you approve of my new style of highlight reel presented here.


– Derek